Ways to avoid or solve pairing issues

I keep getting many questions about the Openload link issues within Kodi. So I have a few videos that cover the issue. So I put this guide together to show you all how simple it is to step or get past this issue. A solution for the Openload (or any other) pair requests.

This tutorial will provide you with the easiest and best method to fix the Pair Error in Kodi. Many Kodi users experience this error when when trying to play a stream from certain Kodi add-ons. By using the following instructions, you will no longer encounter this message and can browse Kodi worry-free!

5 Tips to help you bypass or beat the Openload error. What to do when you see the Openload pair request. How to fix the Openload error in Kodi - Openload stream authorization error!


What to do?


Stop Openload Pairing/Authorization


Other Authorization Errors

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What's your opinion? What do you think of the Openload pair request?  Leave your comments below!

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