Mobile devices unlocked free of charge, upon request, and all newly purchased devices unlocked


Thanks to the CRTC, Starting December 1 2017, companies will no longer be allowed to charge to unlock handset or even sell locked devices. Up until now, a phone purchased from the cartel would simple be locked. Unlocking your device would allow you to use different SIM cards within Canada and abroad. So by creating this "fake sense of loyalty" the cartel would forcing user to remain with the one company and abide by their pricing. So prior to December 1st 2017, if you wanted to change service provider but keep your phone, you had to pay an unlocking fee.

How to Unlock My Handset?

How to Unlock
• In-store - visit a Bell store
• Online - log in and request an unlock via your MyBell account page
• Phone - call 1-800-667-0123
• In-store - visit a Bell MTS store
• Online - log in and request an unlock via your MyAccount page
• Phone - call 204-225-5687 (residential) or 204-225-4249 (business)
• In-store - visit a Chatr Mobile store
• Phone - call 1-800-485-9745
• In-store - visit a Fido store
• Phone - call 1-888-481-3436
• In-store - visit a Freedom Mobile store
• Phone - call 1-877-946-3184
• In-store - visit a Koodo Mobile store
• Phone - call 1-866-995-6636
• Online - visit the Public Mobile Community page
• Phone - call 1-855-478-2542
• In-store - visit a Rogers Wireless store
• Online - live chat with Rogers support
• Phone - call 1-855-381-7835
• In-store - visit a SaskTel store
• Online - live chat with SaskTel support
• Phone - call 1-800-727-5835
• In-store - visit a TELUS store
• Online - live chat with TELUS support
• Phone - call 1-866-558-2273
• In-store - visit a Vidéotron store
• Online - request an unlock via their self-serve tool
• Phone - call 1-877-380-2611
• In-store - visit a Virgin Mobile store
• Online - log in and unlock via your Virgin My Account page
• Phone - call 1-888-999-2321

There are plenty of benefits to unlocking your handset check out our YouTube video for the top 5 reasons!

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