Save a bit of money and do it yourself. Android Media Streamers Vanilla style!

The devices they don't want you to own in a state they have to deal with. Android Media Streamers have unlimited potential but you have to get them there yourself. Popular wizards and applications, including Mobdro, Showbox and Kodi (pre-loaded with apps like Exodus and SportsDevil) are no longer allowed to be sold on any device leaving MTLFREETV. The Cartel’s injunction forbids it. This means that MTLFREETV had to kiss goodbye to ‘Fully Loaded’ and ‘Everything for Free’ pre-loaded devices.

Let us introduce you to our Vanilla Android Media Streamers.

We have drastically reduced the prices that we are selling these at, far below our competitors! Our Vanilla Android Media Streamers are un-configured and empty stock Android devices with a Vanilla Kodi. Our Vanilla Android Media Streaming Devices like all Android devices are easy to configure. And as a BONUS, all orders now come complete with a wireless keyboard/mouse to make navigation incredibly simple. If you don’t need it, drop it from your order and get a $10 discount!

We are excited about our Vanilla Devices and we sure you are too! What do you think about them? Leave your comments below!

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